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Book Tutorial.

Post by Vox on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:12 pm

Each creature has the following in their entry for the Book of Beasts Most Foul.
now it's good to note not every beast listed is FOUL, but rather a beast, whether it's small, or large.
The format for the entry of a certain creature will look like this..

*Creature's Name*
Stats: Str Dex End Per Cha Int Fth

Creature Specific perks.

So lets describe each field.
Description: Describes the physical appearance of the creature.
Size: The height of the creature, except for creatures we have a few additional measurements..
Attack: Their attacks, which will typically look like "Name, XX + XDX"
Stats: Str Dex End Per Cha Int Fth, the stats of the creature, each creature will have their own stats which count in rolls they make.
Contains: The typical inventory/carcass of the creature, each creature will contain meat if you utilize your 'trapping' skill.
Perks: Just like you, creatures can have perks.. these will change their interactions.
Quirks: And as with all beings, creatures will have quirks! these as well change how they interact.
Skills: Certain creatures are great trappers, or laborers, maybe they're diplomatic, or stealthy.
Abilities: Certain creatures will be capable of casting magic/miracles, it's best to enter every situation warily.

Certain things will effect them differently than they do you, though.
creatures with the "Greed" quirk will have all kinds of odd items, especially in their shelter..
creatures that have the anti-social perk don't involve themselves with other creatures, meanwhile "Social" creatures can form groups.

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