Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

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Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Post by Vox on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:47 am


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Re: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Post by Vox on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:51 am

*1 Ships/Vehicles.
Acceleration, and maneuverability is based on this..
For every 10 points of Acceleration you gain +5 to any roll based on speed(Dodging, flying, et cetera)
For every 10 points in Maneuverability you gain +5 to any roll based on maneuverability.(Dodging, navigating, et cetera)
Ship Classes.
Length: 30m
Weapon Mounts: 0
Module Space: 2
Max Crew: 6
Hangar Space: 0
Standard Hull: 300
Maximum Acceleration: 50
Maximum Maneuverability: 20

Length: 20m
Weapon Mounts: 1
Module Space: 0
Max Crew: 2
Hangar Space: 0
Standard Hull: 600
Maximum Acceleration: 30
Maximum Maneuverability: 50

Length: 100m
Weapon Mounts: 1
Module Space: 4
Max Crew: 8
Hangar Space: 1
Standard Hull: 1000
Maximum Acceleration: 30
Maximum Maneuverability: 30

Length: 160m
Weapon Mounts: 4
Module Space: 8
Max Crew: 12
Hangar Space: 3
Standard Hull: 1800

Length: 240m
Weapon Mounts: 8
Module Space: 10
Max Crew: 40 (Min. 4)
Hangar Space: 4
Standard Hull: 3000

Length: 480,
Weapon Mounts: 12
Module Space: 15
Max Crew: 300 (Min. 30)
Hangar Space: 6
Standard Hull: 5400

Length: 1.4km(1400m)
Weapon Mounts: 20
Module Space: 20
Max Crew: 1000(Min. 100)
Hangar Space: 8
Standard Hull: 8000

Length: 3.6km(3600m)
Weapon Mounts: 40 (Must be heavy weaponry)
Module Space: 35
Max Crew: 2000 (Min. 200)
Hangar Space: 50
Standard Hull: 15000

(Space Station
Length: 10-20km.
Module Space:  50
Max Crew: 20000(min. 50)
Hangar Space: 100
Standard Hull: 80000
+2 Modules.
-50% Hull.
-No Weapon Modules.

(Nomad Exploration,
+10 Acceleration.
+1 Nomad Cross beacon System.

(Talon Company,
+2 Free Low tier ship weapons.
+200 Hull.
+Free shield determined by 1d5.

(Vel-Tek Industries,
+2 Weapon Mounts.
+Drone Bay.
+Vel-Tek Cyber-Engineers.

(Exitus Innovations,
+8 Free Exigen Biotics.
+2 Exitus Experimental Weapons.

(Helios Development,
+5 Solar panel arrays(4 over maximum!)
+8.81 Absorption Plate.

(Overwatch Elite,
+2 Free Fighters.
+4 Light Weapons.

(Ylyndar Industries,
+Kerzetian Broadhull
+4 Free Cargo Holds.

(United Human Empire Engineering,
+UHE Deflection Smoothing.
+Ramming Bow.
+2x Crew Capacity.

(Avlen Coalition R&D,
+Avlen Carapace.
+Eloik Void Maps.

(Protalis Reverse Engineering,
+Flux Fusion.
+Void Drift Systems.
Offensive Systems.
(Limb Gun Mounts,
Manufacturer: Salamander-21
A metal corridor leading outside of the ship to a long limb-esque stilt, capable of having a weapon/tool attached to it.
+1 Gun mount per limb, 4 maximum.

(Drone Bay, +6 Drone Slots.
Manufacturer: Vel-Tek Industries
An independent bay designed to charge, rearm, and rapidly deploy drones.

(Armature Shielding, +Weaponry cannot be destroyed when undeployed.
Manufacturer: Westek Research
A shielding pod that covers weapon/tool systems when they aren't deployed.

(X92 Porcupine, +Defensive/Offensive spikes coating ship.
Manufacturer: Talon Company
Large metal spikes capable of piercing most metals coat the exterior of your ship.

(Ramming Bow, +Reinforced bow designed to ram into other ships.
Manufacturer: UHE Engineering.
A large protruding, and heavily reinforced bow sticks out the front of the ship, making charging full speed into an opposing ship must more effective..
Defensive Systems.
(Civilian Plating, Tougher plating, typically designed for reflecting meteorites.
+100 Hull.

(Military Plating, Plating designed for high velocity rail-round shaped "meteorites"
+400 Hull.

(Kerzetian Broadhull, A plating design to defend the most vital areas of your ship, using statistics from millions of real, and simulated battles to determine the typically most damaged locations.
+800 Hull.

(Avlen Shard Plating, This plating is attached to reinforced arms, which hangs slightly above your ship, it contains impact dampening servos, which makes it so you don't sway when hit.
+1200 Hull.
+Can Deflect Energy damage.
+Can be attached to other hulls.

(UHE Deflection Smoothing, Extremely smooth hull, this makes your ship practically a bullet with ricochet angles.
+1400 Hull
+Can Deflect Ballistic damage.

(Avlen Carapace, This hull mimics the biology/systems of Eloikan creatures, making it immune to the Eloikan corruption from the voids.
+1800 Hull
+Completely negates corruption from void travelling.

(Exigen Bio-Carapace, This hull is actually a symbiotic organism! designed by Exigen wing of Exitus Industries! though the interior of the ship is all metalic, the exterior is a fleshy substance.
+Hull regrows.
+400 Hull
-Sensitive to Energy.

(8.81 Absorption Plate, These look greatly similar to solar panels, as though your ship was just a round solar panel, infact.
+1200 Hull
+Absorbs energy damage to recharge on-board battery arrays.
Propulsion Systems.
(Civilian Engines,
-.1 Energy Consumption.
+50 Acceleration.
+30 Maneuverability.

(MDG Engines,
-.1 Energy Consumption.
+80 Acceleration.
+70 Maneuverability.

(XI Propulsion System,
-.1 Energy Consumption.
+50 Acceleration.
+80 Maneuverability.

-.2 Energy Consumption.
+100 Acceleration.
+60 Maneuverability.

(Angel Tear Thrusters,
-Leaves Trail
-.3 Energy Consumption.
+120 Acceleration.
+110 Maneuverability.

-.3 Energy Consumption.
+160 Acceleration.
+100 Maneuverability.

(Static Flux System,
+200 Acceleration.
+200 Maneuverability.
-Requires Flux Core/Fusion
Communication Systems.
(War Room, A room with many screens, holotables, and tracking screens in it, Some call it a modular war room.
+Tactical Assistance Module

(Holo-Deck, A room filled with holo-projectors(Colored optional), to cast the shape of someone directly before you, and allow 'face to face' talks.
+Diplomatic and Social Capabilities Increased.

(Neural-Command Pod, A sealed containment pod, once inside you simply attach the helmet within and gain full command capabilities as if you were physically present in the vehicle you're observing.
-Requires Neural-Command Module.
+Can fully control vehicle.

(Central Station,

(Protalis Pyramid,

(Raincloud Systems,

(Command Tower,

(Overseer's Bridge,

(The Great Eye,
Warp Systems.
(Tesla Beacon Jump Module,

(Beacon Deployment Module,

(Perpetual Jump System,

(Void Drift Systems,

(Eloik Traversing Systems,

(Nomad Cross Beacon Systems,
Energy Systems.
(Fuel Cell,
Energy Output: .2
-Cannot Recharge.

(Solar Panels,
Energy Output: .4
-Can only have 1 solar panel array.
+Consistent .4 energy output.

(Nuclear Fission,
Energy Output: 2
-Requires Nuclear Engineer.
-Emits dangerous radiation within module.

(Nuclear Fusion,
Energy Output: 3.5
-Requires Nuclear Engineer.
-Emits dangerous radiation within module.

(Vatun Crystal Core,
Energy Output: 5

(Anti-Matter Core,
Energy Output: 8
-Highly volatile, and dangerous.

(Flux Crystal Core,
Energy Output: 10

(Flux Fusion,
+Infinite energy output.
-Requires Advanced Protalis knowledge.
-Requires Protalis Ship
Shield Systems.
(Basic Shields,

(Standard Shielding,

(Advanced Shielding,



(Evisceration Shield,

(Praetorian's Shield,

(Repulsion Field,

(Light Warping System,
____________________Communication Modules.
(Meeting Room,
A room designed for meetings, whether it's with your crew, or the crews of other ships.

(Hologram Projector,
+Can Combine with Meeting Room.
Allows you to be in a meeting room without actually needing to be there, providing additional safety.

(Relay Communication System,
Enables communication within jump beacons across all ships/surface comm networks.

(Hypercomms System,
Enables communication across beacons, but requires a great deal of energy.

(Drone Control Module
Enables the direct control of drones, and reprogramming of drone's systems
____________________Security Modules.
(Basic Digital Security Terminal,
A terminal that can be placed in any room on the ship, when occupied will increase cyber defense rolls by 5.

(Standard Digital Security Room,
A room dedicated to cyber security, requires someone with basic digital security training, increases cyber defense rolls by 10.

(Advanced Digital Security Pod,  
A automated cyber defense system, increases cyber defense rolls by 20, comes with built in virus database from prior attacks.

(Basic Holding Cell,
A small cell, capable of holding 2 people. it has traditional metal bars, the room is empty unless furnished.

(Standard Holding Cell,
A standard cell, capable of holding 4 people. it has a forcefield which requires a device to disable.

(Advanced Holding Pods,
8 Prisoner Pods, each is heavily reinforced, and can contain even the most dangerous lifeforms.

A basic armory, which can contain firearms, exosuits, wargear, ammunition, shields, melee weaponry, and grenades.

(Advanced Arsenal,
An advanced armory, which can recharge exosuits, drones, and battery magazines, as well as all of the functions of the normal Arsenal.

(Gravity Control Room,
Enables the manual adjustment of gravity for certain sections of the ship, though it can't have gravity set to lethal levels, it can have gravity be set much higher, or lower than normal, making it more difficult for raiding parties to trespass.

(Teleportation Jammer,
A jamming array built to jam incoming trespassers, in the process potentially immolating them on their own ship.

____________________Living Modules.
(Cryosleep Chambers,
4 Pods built to contain lifeforms for potentially indefinite periods of time, this can make traversing a vast space easier, or if your ship is going to be destroyed it can serve as your impromptu escape pod.

(Crew Quarters,
A basic quarters for your crew to occupy, and sleep in.

(Officer's Quarters,
A more decorated, and comfortable quarters. designed for your officers to sleep in.

(Captain's Quarters,
The deluxe suite, made for the captain, or very high ranking individuals to occupy.

_____________________Medical Modules.
(Basic Infirmary,
The basic infirmary, can be used to treat minor burns, stop bleeding, and perform basic surgeries.

(Standard Infirmary,
The standard infirmary, often used for transplants, moderate burns, severe bleeding, and disease/sickness treatment.

(Advanced Infirmary,
The automated infirmary, functioned by medical AI, this infirmary can rebuild destroyed tissue, even entire limbs/organs with synthetic flesh, capable of great feats of medical science.

____________________Evacuation Modules.
(Basic Evacuation Pods,
Poorly built evac pods, these are typically very cramped, and have a thruster that hasn't been used since the earth standard year 1980s.

(Standard Evacuation Pods,
Evacuation pods with belts to fasten in with, as well as low grade thrusters, 4 fuel cells, short distance relay communicator, moderate damage resistance, and heavy impact resistance.

(Advanced Evacuation Pods,
Heavy duty evacuation pods, with a built in perpetual warp module(capable of jumping 4 beacons in any direction) as well as thruster, piloting system, and heavy damage+impact resistance.

(Space Tether,
-Only capable of being used on "Large" class ships.
A massive tether capable of being fired down onto planets, or meteors, with a large attached pod that can be fired both toward what it's attached, and towards the ship it's attached too, helpful for moving uptoo 80 people at once.
____________________Cargo Modules.
(Cargo Hold,
A cargo hold, it's total containment space is based on ship size.

(Secure Vault,
A heavily secured vault built into your ship, total containment space varies on ship size.

(Smuggler's Hold,
A disguised cargo hold, often build below floor/wall panels, only detectable by opponents with specialized equipment.
____________________Mess Rooms.
(Basic Mess Hall,
A dingy, bland mess hall. only capable of serving basic foods, MREs, Goop, et cetera.

(Standard Mess Hall,
A well lit, and clean mess hall, capable of serving normal foods.

(Fancy Mess Hall,  
A decorated, and well designed mess hall, capable of serving deluxe foods.
(Ore Processing Facility,
A facility used to process, refine, and sort ores.
-Requires Certified Factory Manager.

(Factory Wing,
A facility used to refine, process, manufacture, and design.
-Requires Certified Factory Manager.

(Engineering Bay,
A facility used to repair, design, and blueprint anything involving engineering.
-Requires Certified Engineer.

(Vehicle Bay,
A facility used to design, reinforce, build, and blueprint vehicles.
-Requires Certified Engineer.

(Hangar Bay,
A facility used to design, reinforce, build, and blueprint ships.
-Requires Certified Engineer.

(Hydroponic Garden,
A garden built to grow dozens of fresh fruits, and vegetables, can also take strain away from life support.

(Aquaculture Room,
A glorified fish tank, with dozens of types of fish, and an independent ecosystem.

Used for researching, developing, chemistry, science, and the design, blueprinting, and creation of technology.

(Terraforming Bay,
Used to terraform almost anything you can land on, from planets, to meteors/asteroids.

____________________Social Modules
(Recreational Room,
A ping pong table, maybe a pool table, some arcade games possibly?
This module is used by your crew when they have time off, and can increase crew morale and teambuilding.

A few tables, chairs, and couches, maybe a few television screens.
This module is used by your crew when they have time off, and can increase crew morale and teambuilding.

A large heavily reinforced window looking out into the reaches of space.

+Can combine with mess halls/lounge modules.

____________________Combat Modules
(Training Room,
A simulation room used to train crew members on an array of situations.

(Drop Pods,
Large and heavy pods capable of fitting 30 men, usually dropped from upper orbit for ground assaults.
One pod can also contain a medium sized vehicle that is fully manned.

(Teleportation Platform,
Built to teleport into opposing ships, can also be used for emergency evacuation onto planets within close proximity.

(Siege Bridge,
A large, closed system bridge that can be fired into opposing ships, when attached will begin to cut it's way into the corridor of the opposing ship.

(Boarding Torpedoes,
A large tube, using similar systems to the siege bridge, can fit uptoo 4 fully grown men in heavy exosuits.
Though instead of being a bridge, these are torpedoes with a drill esque nose attached, which when fired will drill into a main room/corridor of a ship, then the nose of the torpedo will open for the boarding crew to enter.
____________________Piloting Modules
(Basic Cockpit,
A simple cockpit, lacks a heads up display, scanning system, beacon detector, and void/anomaly warning.

(Standard Cockpit,
A standard cockpit, Has a heads up display which will display the modules of the ship, scanning system, preparedness of weaponry, and beacon detector.

(Advanced Cockpit,
The advanced cockpit, This has a fully hologram HUD, scanning system, with a fully adjustable module map, weaponry, and ammo, as well as a beacon detector, and void/anomaly detection system.

Ship Weaponry.














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Re: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Post by Vox on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:51 am

*2 Armors/Augments.
Armor Types.
(Infantry Protection Vest,
Manufacturer: Talon Company.
A vest built to protect against light ballistic damages.

(Combat Armor,
Manufacturer: Exitus Innovations.
A layered combat uniform, designed for ballistic, energy, and physical damages, usually deployed in mass for ExiSec officials.

(Carapace Armor,
Manufacturer: UHE Engineering.
A reinforced combat armor designed to be worn ontop of uniforms, and clothing, this armor is the standard uniform worn by the United Human Empire Legions.

(Layered Augmented Battle Suit,
Manufacturer: Avlen Coalition R&D.
This suit was designed by the Avlen Coalition for use by light infantry, and law enforcement. The suit is comprised of interlocking protective plates.

(EVA Suit,
Manufacturer: Nomad Exploration
A suit designed for extra vehicular activities, made to sustain radiation exposure in the vacuum of space.

(EVC Suit
Manufacturer: Avlen Coalition R&D
A suit designed for extra vehicular combat, it's slick design is meant to offer it for use as a piloting suit, a combat, and EVA suit.
Clothing Types.
Nothing here for now, just use your imagination.
(Cyber Arm, A cybernetic limb, heavily reinforced, with 360 degree motion hands, capable of having a weapon implanted.
Cost: 5600 Uxirams.
+2 Strength P/Arm.

(Cyber Leg, A cybernetic leg, heavily reinforced, with implanted kinetic stabilizers, and full range of motion, as well as additional implanted holster for only 1000 Uxirams more!
Cost: 5000 Uxirams.
+2 Dexterity P/Leg.
+Highly increased fall damage resistance.

(Synthetic Bone, The basis for a synthetic arm, leg, or spinal column. once you have this implanted you can have a new artificial limb grown over the bone.
Cost: 2000 Uxirams.

(Synthetic Organs, A highly efficient, and extremely durable organ, these have clearly been grown in a test tube, with a creepy white hue to them.
Cost: 8500 Uxirams.
+Poison Immunity.
+2 Endurance.

(Synthetic Arm, This arm has been bio-printed where your original arm once was, it's stronger, and more efficient at what your old one would be doing.
Cost: 5000 Uxirams
+1 Endurance P/Arm.
+1 Strength P/Arm.

(Synthetic Leg, This leg has been bio-printed where your original leg once was, It's more agile, and more capable.
Cost: 5000 Uxirams
+1 Endurance.
+1 Dexterity.

(Cyberbrain, extreme cybernetic augmentation of your brain has now allowed you to survive severe injuries to the brain, your brain now capable of being transplanted into a robotic body.
Cost: 15000 Uxirams.
+3 Intelligence.

(Brain Implant, This implant is drilled into your brain, it allows the direct communication, control, and use of attached systems.
Cost: 6000 Uxirams.
+1 Intelligence.

(Reconstruction 1,
(Reconstruction 2,
(Symbiotic 1,
(Symbiotic 2,
(Mycelium 1,
(Mycelium 2,
(Eloikan Virus,
Exosuit Stats rundown:
Strength: How hard you can hit, and how much weight you can lift.. 1 Point would be strength similar to that of a human, 5 points would be enough to break through reinforced doors, 10 would be enough to rip ships apart with your hands.
Dexterity: How quickly, and precisely you can coordinate your body, as well as total jump height, and your maneuverability.
Durability: 1 Point of durability is 100 health points for your exo.
Energy: The total battery life of your exo, Exos do require a recharge once in a while.
Speed:  How quickly you can run, 1 isn't much faster than the fastest human, 5 is as fast as a sports vehicle, 10 means you run so fast you become invisible briefly, leaving only the disturbance of the dust behind you.

(Exoskeleton, A light weight frame exo, this is used primarily by industrial workers, and factories.
Cost: Free.
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Durability: 2
Energy: 5 Hours.
Speed:  1

(Mesh, An extremely light exosuit, usually designed for use in reconnaissance, and infiltration.
Cost: 5000 Uxirams
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Durability: 2
Energy: 10 Hours.
Speed: 6

(Light, Light exos are designed for combat, security, and EV Activities, built for being very rounded.
Cost: 10000 Uxirams.
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Durability: 4
Energy: 40 Hours.
Speed:  5

(Medium, A heavy duty combat exo, though it is sometimes used in search and rescue, as well as factory/labor settings.
Cost: 18000 Uxirams
Strength: 6
Dexterity: 3
Durability: 7
Energy: 80 Hours.
Speed:  4

(Heavy, Very large, and typically very mean. these are designed for heavy infantry fire, and to be at the front lines.
Cost: 26000 Uxirams.
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 3
Durability: 9
Energy: 140 Hours.
Speed:  3

(Dreadnought, Very rarely seen in combat, but when they are seen it's best to run. these are the epitaph of fear, and the closing note of many lives.
Cost: 60000 Uxirams.
Strength: 9
Durability: 15
Energy: 200 Hours.
Speed: 2
Cost: Free.
-Programmed to be incapable of using weaponry.
-Programmed for incapability of enacting violence.
-Halved durability.

(Aperrian Mining, The head of mining industries, everyone buys their equipment in one way or another, suits, drills, storage units. their suits are typically designed around the idea of rock shards striking you constantly, and thus are heavily resistant to kinetic damage types.
Cost: 2000 Uxirams
+Heavy kinetic resistance.
+Free drill attachment.

(Guardian Advancements, Their armor is known for being reinforced, and capable of holding it's own, but unfortunately they are less capable at wielding heavy weaponry due to the servo systems in use,
Cost: 6000 Uxirams.
-Can only use light/medium firearms.
+2 Durability.

(Talon Company, Designed for intimidation, these suits are typically only worn in light variants for rapid infantry deployment, they are cheap, efficient, and terrifying to those that stand against them.
Cost: 3500 Uxirams.
+1 Speed.
-1 Durability.
+Free Wrist/Shoulder mounted firearm.

(L-337 Systems, A suit originally designed by a hacker, it slowly evolved into more viable combat usage when he included the "Scorpion Assault System" in which the tentacle has a large retractable blade embedded in it, these suits now often used by Thieves, Assassins, and wanna-be hackers.
Cost: 6000 Uxirams.
+Free Tentacle Feature.
+Free Worm System.
+2 Dexterity.
-Only Available as Mesh.

(Salamander-21, These suits are typically worn by freelance mercenaries, they are easily distinguished by their yellow and white color themes.
Cost: 1500 Uxirams.
+1 Endurance.

(Kurnikov Unity, Ancient exosuits that have been salvaged and upgraded while keeping the old appearance, these suits while often inefficient warmachines, are mass deployed by the People's Collective.
Cost: 1000 Uxirams.
+1 Strength.
+1 Endurance.
-3 Dexterity.

(Vel-Tek Industries, Smooth, and amazing looking, but lacks protection, usually used for EVA by Vel-Tek Engineers.
Cost: 5500 Uxirams.
+1 Strength.
+1 Dexterity.
-2 Endurance.
-1 Speed.
+Underarm Hull Lasers.

(Exitus Innovations, Slim, black uniforms, and full body exosuits, these suits are designed for mobility, and durability, used to apprehend the most dangerous enemies.
Cost: 9000 Uxirams.
+1 Speed.
+1 Endurance.
+1 Dexterity.

(Ylyndar Industries, Full body uniform with integrated oxygen intake. designed by the Avlen. these suits are used by the Avlen for exploration, and outflanking opponents.
Cost: 5000 Uxirams.
+3 Speed.
+2 Dexterity.
-5 Strength.
-2 Endurance.

(Helios Development, These suits have integrated solar sensitive charging arrays on their plating, designed for use in EVA and planetary exploration.
Cost: 4000 Uxirams
+Solar Charging.

(Westek Research, Heavy duty suits, designed for durability and military use, these suits are often deployed by operation forces.
Cost: 3500 Uxirams.
+3 Durability.
-2 Dexterity.
-1 Speed.
+80 Hour Internal Battery Pack.

(Tar'El Association, Suits designed by the Avlen for CQC, they are usually built for the removal of armor plating from ships, and the addition of them.
Cost: 10000 Uxirams.
+4 Strength.
+4 Durability.
-5 Endurance.
-3 Speed.

(UHE Engineering, Designed by the Engineering Legion of the UniFed, these suits are built specifically for Legion deployments.
Cost: 7000 Uxirams.
+Any suit larger than mesh can use any weapon size.
-1 Speed.
+1 Durability.

(Avlen Coalition R&D, Suits worn by the Avlen Strike Forces, by tradition they paint their family's icon upon their helmet. Their nobility, military rank, and birth icon upon their left pauldron.
Cost: 8500 Uxirams.
+Free Natural Weapons.
+Free Adhesion.
+Free Jet Flight.
-2 Endurance.
+1 Dexterity.

(Protalis Reverse Engineering, These suits are made of a bio-organic material, they have no true 'battery life' and are capable of slowly regenerating damage done to them, they are also capable of 'cannibalizing' other exosuits, absorbing their abilities temporarily, as well as stats.
Cost: 20000 Uxirams.
+Free Natural Weapons.
+3 Endurance.
(Additional Limb, An additional arm/leg attached to your suit, controlled remotely from within your suit.
Cost: 1000 Uxirams.
+1 Dexterity.
+1 Strength.

(Tentacles, A long protruding, and retractable tentacle designed for a wide array of uses.
Cost: 2500 Uxirams.
+2 Dexterity.

(Gills, Filters oxygen from water, helpful for exploration in flooded/water laden terrains.
Cost: 3000 Uxirams.

(Adhesion, A toggle-able microscopic spike set across your hands, and feet, designed to adhere to walls, ceilings, and hulls.
Cost: 2000 Uxirams.

(Natural Weapons, Nano Carbon claws, talons, fangs, and spikes protrude from your suit, useful in combat.
Cost: 4500 Uxirams.
+Bonuses in CQC.

(Fins, An array of fins attached to your suit, designed to be toggled. these allow for faster maneuvering in water, and negate any penalties.
Cost: 1500 Uxirams.

(Jet Flight, sets of jets are built into key points of your suit for maneuvering.
Cost: 5000 Uxirams.
+1 Dexterity.

(Wing Flight, A large set of wings protrude from the back of your suit, their appearance is customizable.
Cost: 6000 Uxirams.

(Gliding, A toggleable integrated wingsuit is implanted in your suit, allowing for gliding.
Cost: 3500 Uxirams.

(Levitation, A set of EMWs are implanted across your suit, allowing for the ability to float.
Cost: 9000 Uxirams.

(Tremorsence, This implant allows your suit to detect the location of movement via tremors on the ground.
Cost: 1200 Uxirams.
Suit Types.
Suit AI.
(Civilian AI,
(Agent AI,
(Engineer AI,
(Soldier AI,
(Command AI,
Suit Additions
(Suit Status,
(Advanced Suit Status,
(Basic Environmental Control,
(Standard Environmental Control,
(Advanced Environmental Control,
(Basic Collapsible,
(Advanced Collapsible,
(EMP Shield,
(Comms Scrambler,
(Night Vision,
(Thermal Vision,
(Radar Vision,
(Sonar Vision,
(Radio Transmitter,
(Optical transmitter,
(Communication Buoy,
(Worm Implant,
(Sentient Virus,
(Defense Maze,
(Defense Labyrinth,


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Re: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Post by Vox on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:51 am

*3 Weapons.
Submachine Guns,

Melee Weaponry,

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Re: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

Post by Vox on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:51 am

*4 Crew(NPCs).
As a note, combat level is their level of accuracy, discipline, and understanding of weaponry/warfare, Engineering Level is their total ability to use drones/manufacturing plants, Piloting level is self explanatory, but extends to vehicles, and ships, Science level is their ability to research, and develop.
Contracts extend across a standard 4 week contracted period in-game.
(Volunteers, Highly trainable, and capable of becoming anything.. but they require time.
Combat Level: 0
Engineering Level: 0
Piloting Level: 0
Science Level: 0
Expenditures: Free
Career Traits:

(Civilian Workers, These are unspecialized general laborers, they typically linger around recruitment/employment offices.
Combat Level: 1
Engineering Level: 2
Piloting Level: 2
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 1500 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Mercenaries, These men have been given sponsorship by some company or another, and given special training.. unfortunately they don't know anything other than combat.
Combat Level: 4
Engineering Level: 0
Piloting Level: 2
Science Level: 0
Expenditures: 3000 Uxirams.
Career Traits:

(Industrial Laborers, People who come from factories, most of them having been working in a factory the majority of their life.
Combat Level: 1
Engineering Level: 5
Piloting Level: 0
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 2000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Absolute Principality, Synths from all walks of birth, many of them are "Unities" thus they share all of the same education, training, and pre-disconnection memories.
Combat Level: 4
Engineering Level: 4
Piloting Level: 4
Science Level: 4
Expenditures: 2000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Fief Syndicate, An underground gang that re-purposes old age equipment/technology, making money on the side through mercenary contracts, they are extremely trained, and deadly.
Combat Level: 7
Engineering Level: 2
Piloting Level: 4
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 5000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(People's Collective, A group of space communists, many of them are untrained, but they're cheap, and willing.. but their loyalties primarily lay within themselves.
Combat Level: 2
Engineering Level: 1
Piloting Level: 2
Science Level: 0
Expenditures: 400 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Fascist Expansionists, A group of space fascists, they have an extreme superiority complex, and tend to see other races as "Der Under Mensch" their creed stays with their Fuhrer, and his cohorts.
Combat Level: 4
Engineering Level: 2
Piloting Level: 3
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 1500 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Operators, Veteran mercenaries, these men have no qualms with doing what they're told so long as they get the money they desire, they're often seen as heartless, evil individuals.
Combat Level: 7
Engineering Level: 4
Piloting Level: 5
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 4000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Eternal Voyagers, People who have been ostracized from their people, and sent to voyage space eternally to atone for their sins.
Combat Level: 1
Engineering Level: 3
Piloting Level: 7
Science Level: 2
Expenditures: Free
Career Traits:

(Androids, Whether highly advanced, or still basic metallic drones, they have to be programmed for their duties, but fulfill them perfectly.
Combat Level: X
Engineering Level: X
Piloting Level: X
Science Level: X
Expenditures: 4000 Uxirams.
Career Traits:

(Avlen Privateers, Avlenian Pirates, these men are typically contracted by the Avlen government to harass others.. they will often offer contracts on the side.
Combat Level: 6
Engineering Level: 1
Piloting Level: 5
Science Level: 4
Expenditures: 3000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(UHE Legionaries, Highly trained, and motivated, these men believe their struggles bring them higher to the Emperor's praise, and thus are willing to die for their emperor.
Combat Level: 8
Engineering Level: 3
Piloting Level: 4
Science Level: 1
Expenditures: 6000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(UHE DeathKorp, Born into the UHE Elite Elimination Force, these men are raised to destroy, they live their lives by the emperor's word, and die by it. typically sent to exterminate entire planets, and leave with no witnesses.
Combat Level: 10
Engineering Level: 10
Piloting Level: 5
Science Level: 5
Expenditures: 50000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

(Exigen Innovations, Created in test tubes via dynamic genetic alteration, these creatures are never the same as another. Though extremely expensive they can be implanted with training to fulfill a task PERFECTLY.
Combat Level: X
Engineering Level: X
Piloting Level: X
Science Level: X
Expenditures: 12000 Uxirams
Career Traits:

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Re: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles.

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