Turf, and buildings!

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Turf, and buildings!

Post by Vox on Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:34 pm

Turf represents buildings/assets in your territories.
First we start with the most generic piece of territory.. "Turf" turf represents a neighborhood 3 square blocks in size. There are territory pieces that are distinctly unique to certain crew archetypes.

Buildings any crew type may have.
(Money Launderer, +2 Coins from Extortion missions.
(Protection Racket, Tier - Heat = Coin during Downtime phases.
(Side Business, Tier - Heat = Coin during Downtime phases.
(Cover Operation, -1 Heat p/Tier.
(Informants, +1 Gather Info for Scores.
(Barracks, +1 Scale for cohorts.
(Safe house, Hidden staging area.
(Bluecoat Bribes, Allows guaranteed bribing of Bluecoats.
(Street Fence, Additional 1 Coin from burglary/theft Missions.
(Fleet, Your gang has their own vehicles.
(Warehouse, Stockpiles give you +1d to acquire assets.
(Luxury Venue, +1d to Consort and Sway rolls on site.
(Gambling Den, tier - heat = Coin during downtime phases.
(Bluecoat Intimidation, -2 Heat per score.
(Drug Den, Tier - heat = coin during downtime phases.
(Lookout, +1d to Spot, or Evade trouble on your turf.
(Product Refinery, +1 Quality to your products.
(Coal Mine, Produces 1 shipment of Coal during downtime phases.
(Metal Mine, Produces 1 shipment of assorted metals during downtime phases.
(Logging Camp, Produces 1 shipment of wood during downtime phases.
(Drug Manufacturer, Produces 1 shipment of drugs during downtime phases.
(Whaling Vessel, Produces 1 shipment of Leviathan Oil during downtime phases.
(Manufacturing Warehouse, Allows for the manufacturing of certain equipment.
(Energy Station, Produces energy for Turf, costs 1 Leviathan Oil p/downtime.

Breakers Specific.
(Terrorized Citizens, +1 Quality to Hunting Grounds, -1 Civilian happiness in Tile.
(Fighting Pits, Tier - Heat = Coin during downtime phases.
(Bluecoat Confederates, +1d engagement for Assault scores.
Thieves Specific.
(Luxury Fence, Additional 2 Coin from Burglary/Theft missions.
(Ambush Points, +1d Engagement when Ambushing.
(Pickpockets, Tier - Heat = coin during downtime phases.
(Watch Reports, +1d Engagement when burglarizing.
Hawkers Specific.
(Surplus Caches, +2 Coins for sales scores.
(Slave Labor, any laboring tile with this attached doesn't require coin-upkeep, -1 Happiness in tile.
(City Records, +1d engagement roll for acquire or attract rolls.
(Foreign Market, Tier - Heat = Coin during Downtime phases.
Smugglers Specific.
(Prime Routes, +1 Quality to smuggling routes.
(Secret Ways, +1d Engagement for transport scores.
(Safe Harbors, Hidden ship staging/unloading area in your turf.
(Scouts, +1d gather Info for scores.
Cult Specific.
(Ancient Obelisk, -1 Stress cost for all arcane powers, and rituals.
(Ancient Alter, +1d Engagement for occult scores.
(Ancient Tower, +1d to consort with occult beings on site.
(Ancient Gate, Safe passage to the deathlands.
(Spirit Well, +1 Quality to artifacts, and supplications.
(Sanctuary, +1d to Command and Sway on site.
(Sacred Nexus, +1d to Treatment and Healing project rolls.
(Vice Dens, Tier - heat = coin during downtime phases.

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