Chapter 3: Economy, and Items.

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Chapter 3: Economy, and Items.

Post by Vox on Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:41 pm

This is just a page to give heroes, and gms an idea on how the economy is..

So here's a general price sheet, and the variables.. not all prices you encounter will follow this sheet, many variables go into how it works.
Teretius, 100 Teretius make 1 Faolis
Faolis, 100 Faolis make 1 Aetin
Aetin, 100 aetins makes you a rich man.

Labor Rates.
Note these aren't static, they adjust with the economy of a town/continent, as well as the job they're performing.
Untrained Labor, 2 Teretius P/Day.
Trained Labor, 10 Teretius P/Day
Military Labor, 20 Teretius P/Day

Material Costs p/bar, 1 bar is measured as being 2 kilograms, or 4 pounds.
Lead, 60 Teretius
Bronze, 1.2(120) Faolis
Euminian Bronze, 1.5(150) Faolis
Iron, 2(200) Faolis.
Black Iron, 3(300) Faolis
Steel, 2.6(260) Faolis
Tempered Steel, 3.5(350) Faolis
Apperian Gold, 1.5(15000) Aetins
Weight classes effect the total price of an item, this of course scales with the weapon type, this is also a handy chart for buying/creating metal bars.
Light, 1 Kilogram, 2 Pounds.
Typical, 2 Kilograms, 4 Pounds.
Heavy, 4 Kilograms, 8 Pounds.
Extremely Heavy, 8 Kilograms, 17 Pounds.

I won't cover ruin classes here, it's for you to determine ultimately, You can't entirely put a price on the will of a god, or abilities you channel through means that can't be measured other than "Yep, I see it."
Natural Resources, These will be measured in denominations of 2 kilograms of said material, liquids are measured as liters.
Wood, 5 Teretius
Stone, 10 Teretius
Primeval Bone, 10(1000) Faolis
Pure Water, 25 Teretius
Water, 15 Teretius
Lava, 10(1000) Faolis

These prices will change by number of domesticated present, and how trained the animal is, as well as it's stats.
The following is the price of a standard, non domesticated animal, per single unit.
Rat, 2 Teretius.
Frog, 3 Teretius.
Chicken, 10 Teretius.
Song Bird, 20 Teretius.
Bird of Prey, 60 Teretius.
Sheep, 90 Teretius.
Goat, 90 Teretius.
Deer, 3.5(350) Faolis.
Dog, 1(100) Faolis.
Cat, 1(100) Faolis.
Cow, 6(600) Faolis.
Horse, 8(800) Faolis.
Camel, 6(600) Faolis.
Wolf, 2.6(260) Faolis.
Giant Lizard, 9(900) Faolis.
Dire Rat, 12(1200) Faolis.
Bear, 14.5(1450) Faolis.
Hornes, 12.6(1260) Faolis.
Featherback, 10(1000) Faolis.
Great Dog, 15(1500) Faolis.
Great Frog, 9(900) Faolis.
Great Bat, 30(3000) Faolis.
Tiger, 40(4000) Faolis.
Lion, 45(4500) Faolis.
Great Bird, 60(6000) Faolis.
Great Insect, 20(2000) Faolis.
Elephant, 85(8500) Faolis.
Armorhorn, 90(9000) Faolis.
Gryphon, 1(10000) Aetins
Sphinx, 4(40000) Aetins
Low Chimera, 2(20000) Aetins
High Chimera, 6(60000) Aetins.
Weapon Types
Hanbo, 5 Teretius
Cudgel, 15 Teretius
Morning Star, 1.5(150) Faolis
Shovel, 40 Teretius
Mace, 1(100) Faolis
Axe, 70 Teretius
War Hammer, 10(1000) Faolis
War Axe, 7(700) Faolis

Crude Spear, 20 Teretius
Pike, 50 Teretius
Partisan, 85 Teretius
Dirk, 50 Teretius
Dagger, 10 Teretius
Mail Piercer, 1.5(150) Faolis
Rapier, 5.2(520) Faolis
Pickaxe, 2(200) Faolis
Estoc, 6(600) Faolis

Short Sword, 3(300) Faolis
Gladius, 5(500) Faolis
Long Sword, 8(800) Faolis
Straight Sword, 8.4(840) Faolis
Barbed Sword, 5(500) Faolis
Paladin Side Sword, 20(2000) Faolis
Spatha, 8.6(860) Faolis
Tachi, 14(1400) Faolis
Claymore, 18(1800) Faolis

Short Bow, 75 Teretius
Long Bow, 1.4(140) Faolis
GiantHunter Bow, 30(3000) Faolis

Flintlock Pistol, 56.5(5650) Faolis
Flintlock Rifle, 86(8600) faolis
Armor Types
Slave's Wraps, 5 Teretius
Peasant's Clothing,  20 Teretius
Plain Clothing, 40 Teretius
Worker's Clothing, 30 Teretius
Guard's Uniform, 5(500) Faolis
Brigandine,  9(900) Faolis
Plague Robes, 2(200) Faolis
Upperclass Clothing, 20(2000) Faolis
Leather Armor, 7(700) Faolis
Duelist's Guard, 7(700) Faolis
Chainmail, 15(1500) Faolis
Banded, 20(2000) Faolis
Splint, 5(500) Faolis

Plate Vest, 35(3500) Faolis
Tatami, 30(3000) Faolis
Beast Hunter, 56.5(5650) Faolis
Tanko, 50(5000) Faolis
Half Plate, 65(6500) Faolis

Full Plate, 95(9500) Faolis
Cavalry Plate, 1(10000) Aetin
Defender's Plate,1.24(12400) Aetins

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