Perks, Quirks, and Development.

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Perks, Quirks, and Development.

Post by Vox on Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:46 pm

Minor Mutations:
(Festering Sores, You develop sores that bleed, and are prone to infection.. -2 Health P/turn unless bandaged, -Easily becomes infected if not wrapped with clean bandages.
(Extra Digit, You gain another finger.. not much good comes from it.
(Gills, You develop gills along the sides of your neck, allowing you to breath underwater.
(Webbed Digits, Your fingers, and toes are webbed together, though beneficial underwater, firearms must be specially modified for you to use.
(Rapid Aging, You age two times faster than a normal person, leading to a significantly shorter life.
(Claws, Your nails thicken, and grow longer, and much sharper. +6 to Melee damage, +Bleeding Effect on hit.
(Horns, You grow a set of horns from your head, giving you the ability to gore opponents. (8 Damage + Strength.)
(Brittle Bones, Your bones are frail, becoming thinner, and losing calcium.. -More prone to crippled limbs.
(Moss, flora begins to sprout from your flesh, growing upon your body.. ~Symbiotic Relationship, +Benefits from exposure to sunlight, -Requires water, -Less heat based weapon resistance.
(Mindslave, You hear the voices of a powerful entity out in the wastes, commanding you.. -You're forced to partake in missions from the entity commanding, or face punishment..
(Hypersensitivity, Everything is twice as intense for you, from sensations, to stimuli. +Chems last twice as long, ~All feelings are twice as strong, -All injuries have a .5x modifier.
(Ability Decay, Your capabilities, or 'Powers' begin to decay, slowly your body loses it's strength until eventually you're incapable of functioning.
(Unnatural Skintone, Your skin color shifts, could be chameleon, blue, red, yellow, green, gray.. almost any color imaginable.
(Unnatural Eyecolor, Your eye color changes to almost any color imaginable.
(Heat/Cold Susceptibility, Your veins become slightly more narrow, making it so your body can't maintain or regulate it's warmth.
(Unnatural Haircolor, Your hair color changes to almost any color imaginable.
(Unnatural Voice, Your voice's pitch begins to change.
(Ultraviolet Allergy, Your body becomes highly sensitive and reactive to ultraviolet radiation.
(Hematophage, You're capable of gaining all of the nourishment you need through drinking blood, as well as regaining health, and promoting the healing of your injuries.
(Scaled Skin, You grow scales across your skin. +1d8 To damage resistance rolls.
(Forked Tongue, your tongue begins to split, becoming forked.
(Weak Immune System Your immune system becomes extremely weak- if not non-existent. ~More prone to mutations, -Highly prone to infections, -Slower health regeneration, -Slower wound regeneration.
(Second Wind, Upon reaching 0 health you're able to heal all of your wounds to 'stable' conditions. upon activation, +80 Health, +Wounds heal, +10 Strength Temp, +10 Agility Temp, +8 Endurance Temp.
(Albinism, You lose all pigmentation in your skin, becoming ghostly white, your hair fades to a white color, your eyes becoming pink.. -Ultraviolet Allergy, -More prone to Cataracts.
(Leaper, You're able to jump 3 stories(32 feet) into the air, and land without injury.
(Limb Falling Off, Your limb begins to rot until it falls off completely, or is removed.. something new might grow from where it was?
(Tail, You begin to develop an animalistic tail.
(Non-Functional Extra Arm, Another arm begins to grow from your body, it isn't functional..
(Mundane Tumors, Your body begins to be enveloped in tumors.. albeit they don't do anything notably negative to you, they're disfiguring. -3 Charisma.
(Caustic Blood, Your blood is acidic, corroding, and eating through organic materials that aren't your body.
(Minor Telekinetic Powers, You might be able to move objects with your mind, albeit your abilities are still weak, they're growing.
Severe Mutations:
(Exoskeleton, You begin to grow plates atop your skin, hardened calcified materials protecting you. +2d8 defense rolls.
(Honed Telekinetic Powers, You're fully capable of moving large objects with your mind, bending metals, and throwing objects.. but it's extremely exhausting.
(Telepathy, You're able to communicate using only your mind, if you truly can concentrate you can read minds as well!
(Echolocation, You're able to find exactly where something is, using only the vibrations in the air.
(Tentacle, A tentacle begins to grow from your body, sometimes even developing a stinger, or ability to grip.
(Functioning Extra Arm, Another arm begins to grow from your body, with a fully capable hand.
(Wings, a pair of wings sprout from your back, unfortunately they can either be beautiful.. or extremely ugly.. utilizing them can be highly exhausting.
(Safe X-Ray Vision, You're capable of seeing through certain materials, as well as flesh and bone. activate-able.
("Safe" X-Ray Vision, You're capable of seeing through certain materials, as well as flesh and bone. activate-able.. unfortunately the level of x-rays you emit cause different forms of cancer.
(Venomous Bite, You have natural toxins in your saliva that makes your bite considerably dangerous. +Inflicts poison on biting.
(Enlarged Form(Huge/Giant), You grow to be huge, or giant, gaining all of the ups and downs of it.
(Ultra Immune System, Your immune system is like pitting a deathclaw against a Radroach! ~Incapable of gaining mutations, +Incapable of gaining infections, +Wounds heal quickly, +Gradual healing increased.
(Maw of Fangs, Your teeth all grow to be sharp, and shark like.. exponentially increasing bite damage.
(Power Absorption, You absorb radiation, energy, and electricity, gaining health, and temporary strength/agility from it.

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